• Diploma in E-Secretaryship - KPT/JPS (KR 8270) 06/12
  • Diploma in Accounting - KPT/JPS (R/344/4/o084) 06/17
  • Diploma in Sales & Marketing - KPT/JPS (R/342/4/o038) 10/17
  • Diploma in Business Management - KPT/JPS (R/340/6/o138) 07/17
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management - KPT/JPS (N/354/4/o112) 11/16
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Entreprenurship & Development - KPT/JPS (R/340/6/o193) 10/17
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Marketing - KPT/JPS (R/342/6/o041) 10/17
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Administrative Management - KPT/JPS (R/345/6/o162) 06/17
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting Finance - KPT/JPS (R/340/6/o121) 05/17

Minimum Entry Requirement


  •  Diploma
    • SPM (with 3 credits) in any subjects or other equivalent recognised qualifications.
    • Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least Grade B in 3 subjects.
    • For the Accounting Programme, a credit in Mathamatics is required.
    • Certificate
      • Business with the minimum of CGPA 2.00 or
      • Business from a recognised institution of higher learning or
      • Information Technology, Multimedia or Graphic Design or
      • secretarial, Business or Information Technology


  • Degree
    • Candidate must meet the following
      • STMP  (with 2 principal passes), A-Level or Diploma.
      • Completed Foundation Programmes, Matriculation, Pre-University Studies.
      • Other equivalent qualifications.

Career Prospects in E-Secretaryship

Upon Completion of this programme, graduates can work as Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Executive Secretaries, Administrative Assistants & Business Executives

Career Prospects in Accounting

Upon Completion of this programme, graduates can work as Account Assistants, A Finacial Advisor, Loan Officer, Audit Assistants & Tax Advisors in the financial industry; or as an Officer & Supervisor in the financial & commercial institutes

Career Prospects in Sales & Marketing

A graduate can work as a Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, & an Account Executive, Marketing Personnel are employed locally & internationally by Retail, Industrial, Commercial firms, Schools & Hospitals

Career Prospects in Business Management

Graduate can gain employment as entry-level Executives & Junior Managers in small businesses, as well as in medium & large, local & multinational enterprises. Graduate can also gain employment in non profit Organizations & the Public Sector.

Career Prospects in Human Resource Management

The Diploma in Human Resource Management will give the student the opportunity to work in numerous industries in the Business, Commerce & Information Technology fields. Career opporunities in specialised Human Resource Field includes Human Resource Management Officer/Executive, Recruitment & Selection Officer/ Executive, Compensation & Benifits Officer/Executive, Trainning & Development Officer Executive, Organization Developement Officer/Executive, Industrial Reltion Officer/Executive, OSH Officer/Executive, Management Trainee & a Range of Supervisory positions in an Administrative & Office environment.

Career Prospects in Business & Entrepreneurship Development

Understanding the business aspects is just one part of running a business.An entrepreneur must also have a product or service that he or she believes in. Those starting a business must be able to accept the high risk/high reward environment of entrepreneurship. Even if one decides not to venture out, Entrepreneurial Studies will build a solid foundation to begina career in a variety of business areas such as Management, Marketing, Advertisng & Sales

Career Prospects in Marketing

With knowledge in the both domestic & international markets, a graduate can become a Professional in Marketing Management, Marketing Resaerch. Public Relations, Sales & Promotional activiteis & Sales Management. Graduate may also further their studies with Professional Marketing bodies or take up postgraduate studies

Career Prospects in Administrative Management

Graduates can work in the area of Administration & Human Resouces in both Private & Public Sectors or they can also pursue Postgraduate Studies

Career Prospects in Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Financial Managers oversee the preparation of Financial Statements & Financial Planning Activities. A graduate can work as an Accountant, Auditor & Financial Specialist in the Goverment or Commercial Sectors. He/she canalso enroll in Professional Accounting & Financial Programmes or Postgraduate Studies.
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