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Being one of the ‘Asian Tiger’ economies, Singapore is a high-income industrialized city-state located south of peninsular Malaysia. After becoming an independent state in 1965, Singapore underwent a rapid industrialization and technological innovation where it developed many different areas of advanced technology, thus giving it a competitive advantage in the global economy.

Singapore ranks 5th on the UN Human Development index and 3rd in GDP per capita and has surpassed the other ‘Asian Tigers’ in terms of GDP per capita.

With a rich culture and history, the cosmopolitan outlook of Singapore comes from its diversity in culture, religion and languages. Possessing a vibrant lifestyle, the country is dotted with cafes, shopping malls, restaurants and clubs. Above all it is a global education centre and is highly ranked in education, health, quality of life, personal safety and housing.

Pursuing an education in Singapore can open up a world of endless possibilities and opportunities for you and will also provide you with an academic qualification that is respected and valued throughout the world.

We at COSS Lanka can help make your dream of studying in Singapore come true as we are the authorized representatives of the below Singapore institutions:

  1. Boston Business School Singapore
  2. SHRM Singapore
  3. DIMENSIONS Singapore

We provide complete guidance regarding Studying in Singapore and assist our students in coaching, admissions, and visa process. 

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