Hospitality Management

The 22 credit hours, 10 modules and 6- month compulsory intern ship , course is designed to produce graduates who shall eventually take on specialized food and beverage roles in the hospitality industry.











The course equips students with hands – on knowledge in all operational aspects of the food and beverage sector within the hospitality industry . this is to provide students with a strong in depth foundation of the industry sector required to mange a restaurant or food and beverage department. 

 Program Structure

The 10 modules and internship are conducted over 12 months each term consists of study weeks and 1 break week . classes are conducted on a full-day basis from Monday- Friday 

Mode of Delivery 

The program is conducted on a face-to-face basis, students attend lectures, tutorials and practical classes. class size kept to not more than 15 students for practical classes and a maximum of 40 students for lecture classes.

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Student Registration