Study in New Zealand:

Located 1500 km off the south east coast of Australia, New Zealand is an island nation made up of two major islands called the North and South islands along with 600 other smaller islands. Until colonized by modern civilization in the 1600s, New Zealand was inhabited by the Maori people who had made it their home for many centuries.

Modern day New Zealand has a population of 4.7 million people and is considered a developed country, ranking highly in areas of health, education, economic freedom and quality of life. The capital city is Wellington while the city of Auckland is the most populated. New Zealand is currently a market economy which was transformed from a regulated agrarian economy in the 1980s. Demographically, modern New Zealand consists of a majority population of European descent – 74%  while Maoris make up the largest minority. Other minor ethnic groups include Asians and the Pacific People.


Apart from this, New Zealand is also home to some of the best quality higher education institutes in the world. While their qualifications are recognized internationally, the cost of studying here also compares favorably with other countries. Education in New Zealand is highly regarded and has a very friendly educational environment. Education in New Zealand leads to Permanent Residency. Being an overseas study consultant for New Zealand, we can assist you in making your dream of studying in New Zealand come true.   We provide complete guidance for admissions, study and the visa process. Click Here to download the full New Zealand study guide.


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